Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Will You Bee My Honey?

I've gotten more interested in honey bees lately.  They are so vital to our livelihood.  Did you know that   a majority of the bees needed for the agricultural sector of America are shipped in from outside sources?  That seems so crazy to me!

I recently found this neat plan for a bee garden.  I would love to do something like this when we have our own little homestead.  This comes from Susan Brackney - author of Plan Bee.  You can visit her website here.


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  2. Having had the chance to work with bees for several years I can attest that they are some of the neatest creatures around - you most definitely should keep a few hives when you have your own little homestead (whether or not you plant a special garden for them).

  3. Christy, we will have to trade notes when we're both bee-keepers! I should do more research, because this is a neat graph!