Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Green Onion Pasta with Asparagus

We've been making our own pasta lately and it really transforms Italian eating.  I have been singing its praises ever since Christmas, when we got our pasta press.  If you have one sitting in a dusty cupboard, dig it out!  If you don't have one, this can be made by hand but it is a bit more labor intensive.

We made this delicious pasta last week and I wanted to write down a few notes about it before I forgot.  This is less of a "recipe" per se and more of some general guidelines.

Spring Pasta With Asparagus

The Pasta
Green Onion Pasta (devised and crafted by Barry!)
(We use this basic recipe.  The key to eggless pasta is to use semolina flour and knead it a lot!  A KitchenAid works wonders here!  You can add a lot of seasonings to the pasta.  This time we added about a cup of chopped green onions.  Often we'll add herbs, garlic, sundried tomatoes, etc.  The possibilities are endless!)
The Toppings
Steamed asparagus spears
Zest of one lemon
Slivered basil leaves
Carmelized onions
The Dressing
Juice of one lemon
2 TBSP olive oil (I added in a dash of truffle-flavored olive oil as well)
Garlic powder
Italian seasoning

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