Monday, April 2, 2012

Small Spaces

Here is an example where a small apartment, when done right, can be beautiful, open, and even more enjoyable then a huge and spacious mansion.  This little apartment (from nordic design co.) uses space to its advantage.

Barry and I live in a tiny apartment that we've come to enjoy immensely.  We've come to appreciate the small space as an asset (less to clean, more interaction) and not a detriment.  A small space forces you to only keep the most useful and beautiful items because a small apartment just can't handle clutter.  This simplification process is not always easy, but it's worth it!  When we do move into a larger home in the future (almost anything will be larger then our current spot!), the lessons we've learned in our small kitchen will definitely guide our decisions regarding space and its use in a larger area.  But for now, we are appreciating the benefits of a small and cozy home.  You can see more about our simple kitchen space redesign here.