Monday, July 9, 2012

Garden Meals

Just a few pictures from what we've been cooking lately.  As you can see, there have been lots of tomatoes around here these days!  Also pictured are plums (which were quickly made into plum jam), leeks, peaches, and fresh herbs being made into a yummy lasagna.  The garlic sauce on top of both the lasagna and the pizza is the same incredible stuff that I posted about last week - what a revolutionary sauce it has been!

Lasagna in the making

A new backyard friend!

A cute slipper tomato!

Tomato hats!

Four pounds of backyard produce about to be roasted and made into tomato sauce!


  1. These are pictures that make me smile from ear to ear : ) How i wish i could come to your house! Will be rejoicing with you from Maine. Your garden is giving you lovely things.

  2. Gardening--it's cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes!