Saturday, April 8, 2017

It's been a while..

Christy and I have talked several times about getting back into blogging here but we just haven't managed. Something really clicked for me when we were talking about blogs just last night though: one of the reasons we don't blog anymore is that we tend to waste time on the Internet. Sure, we are also incredibly busy. Finding time to keep up with just the bare minimum demands of life is often challenging. And yet if I invested the Internet time wasted on news stories, sports, Facebook and just general mindless web surfing into blogging, I'm quite sure that a regular stream of blogs would be the result. I really do have the time to do this, in other words. And why not? 'Twould be a much better use of my time, that's for certain.


  1. I was just looking through a few blogs and thinking I'd like to start thinking of blogging again too. I decided to take the opportunity to be the first to add a comment on your post. :) By the way, Christy needs to add some more little bunnies in the drawing of you both and the garden! :)

  2. Thanks Martina! Looking forward to your upcoming blogs:) Also quite right about that picture...