Thursday, August 16, 2012

Small Home

Love this home of Jessica Helgerson.  Only 540 square feet and with a great history too!  It's very cool what the owners are doing with trying to live as self-sufficient as possible.  Check out the link for more pictures!


  1. Very nice.. A dream house. Here on the Kansas prairie I think the best house would basically be a poured concrete "house" with a slab roof that's set about a foot above grade but mounded around and above with about 5-7 feet thick with dirt. The roof would be landscaped and would be somewhat of a small hill. A opening would be cut in the mound facing the prevailing winds of the southwest and a similar one would allow pass-through breezes to exit the northeast. Of course skylights would be in the roof. It seems so intuitive to insulate with dirt as the ground maintains such a comfortable temperature.

  2. I want this house! I love the bookshelves especially, and the clever closet in the children's room. I love the white, and the wall behind the sink, and the loft! I love the sofas that are kind of like beds, and the tub, and the bitty swing on the tree that's growing through the porch, and... ahh - thanks for sharing that dream of a place, Christy.

    p.s. we are heading to Metallak tomorrow. (Won't stop in case you were wondering...)